ONE Oncology

Tumor Compass and Pathway Navigator Library

Comprehensive strategic and reference resources 

Given the rapid evolution of the oncology landscape, maintaining knowledge of competitive clinical data and the standard of care is critical in evaluating market competition, strategic decision-making, and educating industry professionals. ONE Oncology’s Tumor Compasses and Pathway Navigators consolidate this information in an easy-to-use, comprehensive, and intuitive format.

Our Tumor Compasses and Pathway Navigators are clickable, referenced, hyperlinked PDFs that centralize data from various publications, press releases, and other public sources in an easy to use, therapeutic-focused deliverable with a broad array of cross-functional applications.

ONE's Compasses and Navigators each consist of between 400 and 2000 pages and are typically divided into 3 sections:

  • Standard of Care: A historical overview of all relevant clinical trials data that have led to the establishment of the currently utilized standard of care as well as ongoing phase III trials that have a potential of changing the standard of care.
  • Agent Pipeline: Comprehensive competitive landscape featuring key agents and pathways
  • Ongoing clinical trials including pivotal phase III trials
  • Clinical trial data summaries
  • Disease Overview and Patient Subsets: A description of the disease state based on patient subsets (clinical, biological and molecular) along with epidemiology data and patient flow diagrams