About Us


DAVA Oncology was founded in 2007 with the goal of facilitating successful cancer drug development by providing innovative solutions and services designed to accelerate research timelines. DAVA’s primary focus is to accelerate the completion of successful cancer clinical trials through the utilization of experienced medical oncologists.

Our medical oncology team encourages patient enrollment through MD-to-MD engagement and case-based education of clinical trial investigators, research staff, and referring physicians. This approach of Physician-focused patient accrual is unique in the clinical trial industry and has continuously proven to be highly effective in accelerating enrollment timelines in trials across numerous tumor types.

Since 2007, DAVA has expanded to become the leading provider of clinical trial acceleration services with three distinct business units, Accelerating Clinical Trials (ACT), ONE Oncology, and Oncology Meeting Innovations (OMI).

ONE Oncology develops scientific and strategic products designed for use by clinical development professionals. These intuitive, easy-to-use tools are used to organize, track, and anticipate competitor progress and shifting treatment paradigms.

Our newest business development, Oncology Meeting Innovations, conducts non-CME scientific exchange programs designed to convene academic and community oncologists from the top cancer centers to discuss the immediate evolution in current clinical practice. By sponsoring our programs, industry members are able to gain access to these insightful, cutting-edge exchanges.

Across our three business units DAVA is able to provide a multitude of services throughout the entire drug development process; ultimately bringing about more effective therapies to cancer patients and their physicians.