Our Mission

Since 2007, DAVA has utilized a vast network of oncologists to provide innovative solutions and services to the pharmaceutical industry through each step on the drug development process. We strive to advance oncology patient care through support of our life science partners at each obstacle they face.



DAVA’s trial acceleration services optimize the recruitment and retention of patients in cancer clinical trials
using physician-focused approaches including education workshops, medical feasibility assessment, site ID, site motivation, and referral outreach.


DAVA conducts non-CME, oncology-focused meetings under the Oncology Meeting Innovations name. There are
three types of meetings: global summits, regional summits, and expert forums. The goal of these programs is to
improve the dissemination of knowledge between researchers, innovators, and implementers in the treatment of cancer.


Leveraging the clinical and biopharmaceutical expertise of our MD team, the ONE oncology business unit offers consultative services and
tools to the biopharmaceutical industry. Services include, but are not limited to, syndicated competitive intelligence tools, MD-led training,
e-learning modules and qualitative market research.


Vinay Jain, M.D.

Chief Executive Officer

John Eckardt, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer

Alex Denes, M.D.

Medical Director

Juan “Charlie” Aguirre

Project Manager

Peter Langford, PhD

Manager, ONE Content

Wen-Huang Ko, PhD

Medical Writer

Brandon Nguyen

Clinical Trial Specialist

Dazma Williams

Manager of Audio Visual & IT

Kartik Vittala, M.D.

Account Executive

DAVA India

Madhur Arya, M.S.

Research Analyst

Nirmala Devi Dahiya, Ph.D

Research Analyst

Amita Patial, M.S.

Research Analyst

Divya Sadhna, M.Pharm.

Research Analyst

Anupriya Singh, M.Sc.

Research Analyst

Garima Verma, Ph.D

Research Analyst