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Expert Forum on Genitourinary Malignancies – Dallas, TX

July 31 - 1, 2020


Oncology Meeting Innovations’ (OMI’s) Expert Forum on Genitourinary Malignancies is a one-and-a-half-day meeting to discuss innovative, cutting edge ideas, tools and treatment strategies of prostate cancer, renal cell carcinoma and bladder cancer in a think-tank style format. The meeting will bring together a select group of experts in the fields of RCC, prostate cancer and bladder cancer for an open examination of new preclinical and translational data that will add to our knowledge and influence of practice over the coming years. The Expert Forum will have discussions on newly emerging preclinical and clinical data on new targets in GU malignancies, therapeutic challenges in treatment of these malignancies and the role of immunotherapy in GU cancers moving forward. Additionally, the meeting will explore sequencing of therapies and the roles and challenges of diagnostic tools.

Event brochure not yet available for this forum. 


  • Discuss and synthesize new clinical and preclinical data’s impact on the future of GU cancer treatment
  • Understand the use of biomarkers and genomics in prostate cancer
  • Analyze the spectrum of metastatic disease in prostate cancer
  • Examine the genomic profiling of RCC
  • Discuss advances in immunotherapy in RCC
  • Analyze targeted therapy in bladder cancer
  • Understand the use of immunotherapy to target bladder cancer