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DAVA Mission Statement

To improve patient care by realizing the full potential of oncology drug development.

DAVA Oncology was founded in 2007 with a mission to facilitate successful drug development. We have created innovative solutions and services that have succeeded to accelerate the clinical development process. We strive to advance oncology patient care through knowledge-based strategic consulting, accrual enhancement initiatives and medical oncology support.

Our knowledge-based insight allows us to analyze the clinical landscape, stay informed of changing pipelines, and assist in the strategic planning of drug development.

DAVA's accrual enhancement initiatives and medical oncology support are the gold-standard of clinical trial acceleration services in the oncology space. Each project is assigned a devoted team of clinical trial specialists led by an expert medical oncologist. These teams interact with physicians on a peer-to-peer basis to identify and recommend sites, pinpoint challenges, and perform accrual workshops and investigator meetings to overcome the barriers of patient enrollment. 

DAVA has developed a comprehensive database of approximately 20,000 oncology research professionals in North America, including 6,000 medical oncologists practicing at over 2,000 research sites. Our unique database allows DAVA to profile each investigator and their research staff and analyze past enrollment performance to predict future patient accrual potential. 

Drug development is a risky investment of both capital and time. DAVA's unique drug development optimization products are knowledge-based tools that enhance decision making and improve effiency of the development process. Our strategic insights provide the means to maximize drug development potential in the competitive oncology space.