Strategic Consulting


DAVA leverages its unique strengths, oncology expertise and proprietary strategic toolbox to provide comprehensive clinical development strategies, portfolio planning and life cycle management for its biopharmaceutical industry partners. Each project is customizable to the client’s specific needs; however, most strategic consulting requests can be grouped into the services outlined below:

Clinical Development Strategies

Clinical Development Strategies optimize the clinical potential of the client’s assets while defining potential competitive threats and identifying the key risks in study design and development initiatives.

  • • Generate product profiles for key competitors
  • • Provide clinical development strategies to address critical issues, such as:
  • - Trial design and feasibility
    - Patient segmentation
    - Unmet needs
  • • Optimize assets in development to maximize the entire disease or product portfolio

Portfolio Planning

Portfolio Planning identifies and validates relevant clinical and commercial development opportunities to optimize the entire disease or product portfolio.

  • • Prioritizes assets in development to optimize the entire product portfolio strategy
  • • Provides insights to accelerate clients’ pipeline development and enhance clinical trial designs
  • • Uncovers development synergies for sponsor’s assets both in development and already on the market

Life Cycle Management

Life Cycle Management provides strategic insight and tactical recommendations around the design of clinical development programs to support future growth.

  • • Validates the life cycle management plan with key internal stakeholders to obtain views on clinical, regulatory and marketing aspects
  • • Uncovers development gaps and opportunities for new and existing assets
  • • Creates new development strategies for mature portfolio commercial products