Accelerating Clinical Trials (ACT)

Site Identification & Recommendation

Research site identification is the single most important step to ensure timely completion of a clinical trial. Participating sites must have access to the appropriate patient population, a complete understanding and belief in the study rationale, and a strong commitment to the trial. 

DAVA Oncology's relationship with clinical trial investigators offers a unique position to identify and recommend high-performing sites for oncology and hematology clinical trials.  DAVA uses objective measures of site performance to approach identification. The key to the evaluation process is a personal interview with one of DAVA’s experienced oncologists. During the interview DAVA evaluates the potential investigator’s level of interest, understanding of the trial’s concept and design, research experience and availability of eligible patients. Once DAVA fully asseses a study site and is satisfied that all criteria for selection is met, DAVA issues a formal recommendation to the study’s sponsor. Following site approval by the sponsor, DAVA continues our involvement by maintaining open communication with investigators and research staff to motivate an accelerated start-up of the site. 


  • High caliber sites dedicated to clinical research
  • Track record of high patient enrollment
  • Committment to an accelerated initiation timeline
  • Excitement about the study rationale
  • Significant eligible patient population