Strategic Consulting


The customizable DAVA Toolbox provides the foundation for any successful consulting project. DAVA's two most comprehensive products, the Oncology Compass and the Standard of Care Reference Guide, summarize the key clinical trials that have driven the evolution of the current standard of care. In addition, the Oncology Compass provides a look forward at the impact of new clinical research on the rapidly changing treatment landscape in the next five to ten years.”Both products are user friendly and easy-to-navigate; the final format is a combined HTML and PDF which can be used on a PC, MAC, iPad, or company web-portal.

Oncology Compass

The ongoing shift from segmentation by tumor histology towards molecularly defined subsets is an important trend in oncology drug development. The complex molecular pathways that drive tumor growth, each with multiple drug-able targets, provide a challenge for the clinical development of pipeline assets and portfolio planning.

The Oncology Compass, DAVA's flagship strategic product, highlights tumor-specific clinical and competitive insights based on historical perspectives and forward-looking analyses in one easy-to-navigate repository of key datasets. Each Compass is focused on an individual type of cancer and is designed to support cross-functional teams involved in strategic planning and decision making related to clinical development, new product planning or life cycle management of the sponsor’s portfolio oncology assets.

RCC Compass DEMO

Reference Guide

Standard of Care Reference Guides, which also focus on a specific type of cancer, provide a historical perspective on the evolution of cancer treatment and reveal how pivotal trials have shaped the current therapeutic landscape. Each profiled trial is accompanied by DAVA’s insights regarding its impact on the standard of care and practice patterns for the featured tumor type.

AML Reference Guide DEMO

Pathway Navigator

Molecular pathways are the focus of many drug development strategies. The Pathway Navigator provides a deep analysis of the molecular mechanisms of cancer as well as comparative mechanisms of action, potencies and toxicity of drugs that target the pathway of interest. Pathway Navigators are particularly useful in developing comprehensive strategies across multiple tumor types for new targeted agents.

Pathway Navigator DEMO

Clinical and Competitive Landscape

Clinical and Competitive Landscapes explore current treatment paradigms and the potential impact of novel agents and new indications on practice patterns. The clinical landscape focuses on current and future treatment paradigms, clinical and molecular patient segmentation, epidemiology, tumor biology and the role of biomarkers. Competitive analyses highlight regulatory strategies and developmental timelines of critical competitors.

HSCT Landscape DEMO

Congress Coverage

The DAVA Science Team attends most major worldwide conferences, including but not limited to ASCO, AACR, ESMO, EHA, ASH and SABCS, in order to stay up to date on cutting-edge clinical data and shifts in treatment paradigms. Congress Coverage includes a pre-meeting roadmap, on-site coverage, post-meeting analysis, and commentary and insight by DAVA's medical oncology experts. Clients utilize this product to keep their clinical and strategic teams continuously informed of the changing treatment landscape in oncology.

War Games

War Games generate key internal stakeholder input to define strategies and tactics in response to competitor data, messaging and positioning, allowing biopharmaceutical companies to:

  • • Anticipate and react to competitors’ actions
  • • Respond to competitive new product entries
  • • Define competitors’ potential messaging and positioning
  • • Develop strategies and tactical objections to competitors’ messaging
  • • Create new internal and external product messaging and positioning to counter competitive threats