Accelerating Clinical Trials (ACT)


Physician-Focused Patient Recruitment

“Our business relation started by sharing goals and developing a sense of shared purpose, but most importantly, it is built on a foundation of trust. When operational difficulties arise, DAVA’s can-do attitude reveals itself as true commitment.”
- Long-term pharmaceutical client


Accrual Workshops

“Very good discussions throughout the day”
“Good to hear what problems/obstacles/questions other sites are having with study accrual”

- Accrual Workshops attendee

“Very good. Very informative. Excellent organization. Good discussions. Excellent perspective globally on rationale, challenges, and progress of study. Outstanding meeting.”
- Accrual Workshops attendee

“It was a good meeting that reviewed the protocol even better than during the SIV.”
- Accrual Workshops attendee


Physician-Focused Patient Recruitment Accrual Visits

“It was great to put the faces with the names yesterday. We all commented about how we enjoyed our visit with you and that the feeling of being supported and appreciated came through loud and clear. So, thank you for that!”
- Research Nurse working with DAVA on one of our Physician-Focused Patient Recruitment projects