Strategic Consulting


Commissioned academic and community experts are assembled to define treatment patterns and provide clinical insight and recommendations. Through their Advisory Feedback and Qualitative Insight, customers gain a deeper understanding of factors that define the current treatment paradigm, including insight on key clinical and regulatory events, strengths and weaknesses of clinical data, and how to communicate that data most effectively.

Advisory Feedback

Advisory Feedback allows clients to test clinical development strategies and tactics with experienced clinicians in order to generate insights and recommendations on existing or new development plans.

  • • Recruit academic and community experts to define current and future treatment patterns
  • • “Pressure test” development and regulatory strategies and tactics
  • • Provide clinical insight and recommendations for short- and long-term development and regulatory strategies

Qualitative Insights

Qualitative Insights include one-on-one, MD-to-MD interviews to generate feedback on key clinical and regulatory events as well as future clinical plans to learn how best to communicate data and key messages.

  • • Includes 1-on-1, in-depth interviews moderated by DAVA medical oncologists
  • • Identifies strengths and weaknesses of clinical data and future development strategies